“Studs/butch lesbians really want to be with men.”

Stud.butch lesbians really want to be men

Recently, I saw a video on social media of a self identified stud giving fellatio to a man. There there were several comments beneath the post implying that people should question the true sexuality of EVERY stud that they meet.I, myself, have been hit on by men who have said things like, “I have had sex with a stud and she liked it.” While this doesn’t offend me, I do get irritated by being put into a category that doesn’t coincide with my identity.
It is an individual choice for a stud to sexually engage with a man. People shouldn’t be judged for wanting to explore their sexuality beyond the parameters that society has placed upon them. Especially, when the sole basis for those parameters is in the clothing that they choose to wear. With all of the work that gender-fluid fashion designers like Crystal González-Alé, Ivette González-Alé, Vee and A are doing – I hope that this type of judgment soon won’t even be a problem. Until then, It’s important for us all to remember that clothes don’t make a person, character does. I Bailee Harris, California 

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