“Being a stud means you act like a man.”

Being a stud means you act like a man

For many people – being a masculine woman/stud means you don’t have and/or aren’t allowed to openly show your ‘feminine side’. I identify as androgynous – I embody both masculinity and femininity. I can’t tell you how many times I hear: “She’s not a “real stud”, as if i’m supposed to completely disregard the fact that I am a woman because I adopt the masculine role. Like being a stud means you’re supposed to act like a man 100%. The thing is, I don’t act like a man. I’m an alpha female.I don’t wear dresses or heels. I grew up playing sports and i’ve always liked women – so my swag different. My aura is more masculine than feminine but that’s natural; not because I want to uphold a label.

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