“Are you Femme, Stem, or Stud?”

Are you femme stem or stud

None of the above. Is that an option? The last time I checked I was a human being…just being. That’s clearly not enough explanation for some earthlings. Evidently, if I chose to wear briefs one day and panties the next, I must be a “stem”. And because my hair is cut short and  faded, I must be the “stud”. Why do I have to fit in any of your small boxes of “homo” understandings? Seriously, what is femininity and masculinity when it comes to style? Am I not just a woman that can pull off both feminine and masculine looks? My personal style shouldn’t dictate who I am. Once you put us in categories  – i.e. Stud- it only brings on more stereotypes, before you even get to know us for the people that we are underneath our clothes. Just let me be me and try asking my name before you ask me my “label”. | La, Atlanta

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